Countrywide demonstration Against deportation prisons, deportations, deportation custody and the further cutback of the rights of refugees! 13. Mai 2017

May 13, Pforzheim, Waisenhausplatz, 1 pm

Flyer | May 13, Pforzheim, Waisenhausplatz, 1 pm
Why are we demonstrating in Pforzheim?
With a new law, the government wants to enforce more and

faster deportations of refugees.

To do so, deportation custody

should be ordered more easily. A deportation prison was set up in
Baden-Württemberg last year. In 2018 it will have 80 places.
People that live here since years are suddenly declared as
unwanted and are affected by deportations. In collections, people
are deported to Kabul, the Balkans or African countries.
We will take to the streets against this Flight and migrations are
not a crime.
We fight for a world where people are no longer
forced to take refuge. We stand up for a right to stay for anyone
taking shelter and demand the closing of the deportation prison in
Pforzheim and everywhere else.
Come to the demonstration numerously
Anti-racist network Baden-Württemberg and 40 other organization
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